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Set up in 2001, Ignite Trust was founded by Dan Burke, in a Harrow church hall and run initially by unpaid volunteers, to achieve social change.  

The name Ignite came from the adage that if one tree is set alight in a forest, it creates a chain reaction. For Dan Burke, Ignite was established on the principle that “if you change one person, you create a domino effect on the peer group and beyond.”
Over the years Ignite has helped hundreds of young people, from disadvantaged backgrounds to achieve a change, for the better, in their lives.

In 2007 we moved into our base in Wealdstone and in 2014 added a base in Rayners Lane.

Youth Workers at Ignite help young people aged 11-25 to re-engage with education, find employment or move away from anti-social behaviour, gang involvement and exploitative relationships. The overall plan is to ‘engage, empower, transform’.

Many activities are run on a weekly basis, this includes Music, Boxing and Basketball.

With the rise in youth on youth violence around Harrow, Ignite started 2019 with a focus on young people who are at risk of or are already involved in gang affiliation. We have a developing prison pathway project and are offering sports and music opportunities to engage young people as a first step into Ignite.

Our aim has never changed. We engage, empower and transform the lives of young poeple.

We are faith-based but not faith biased.