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Ignite was founded by Revd Simon Jones and his team in 2001 to ’train the next generation’ so that marginalised young people left school with some qualifications and experience in leadership. It was run initially by unpaid volunteers, including Dan Burke who became Director in 2008.

The name "Ignite" came from the adage that if one tree is set alight in a forest, it creates a chain reaction. Over the years Ignite has helped hundreds of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to achieve a change for the better, in their lives and many have gone on to inspire others to change their lives too.  

In 2007 we moved into our base in Wealdstone and in 2014 added a base in Rayners Lane.  From these two centres Ignite helps young people aged 11-25 to re-engage with education, find employment or move away from anti-social behaviour, gang involvement and exploitative relationships. The overall plan is to ‘engage, empower, transform’.

With the rise in youth on youth violence around Harrow, Ignite's  focus is now on young people who are at risk of or are already involved in gang affiliation. There is a developing prison pathway project, a mentoring program and  weekly projects involving music and sport. 

Our aim has never changed. We engage, empower and transform the lives of young people.

We are faith-based but not faith biased.