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1Xtra Inspire ME: Motivate & Empower Tour, London

On Friday 24th August from 4-5.30 pm we will be hosting a free event with BBC Radio 1 Extra alongside Snoochie Shy and special guests.  The event will take the form of a panel discussion with inspirational leaders who will share their journey, advice, and experience to inspire and empower you to pursue your dreams. If you're interested please sign up by emailing 

Event Time: 4-5.30 pm

Location: Holy Trinity Church, 1A Headstone Drive, Harrow HA3 5QX



We work with young people aged 13-25 to help them re-engage with  education, FIND employment OR move away from anti-social behaviour, gang involvement and exploitative relationships.

 Engage – Empower – Transform

We believe in the power of community so  we build communities of change around young peoples’ interests and needs.  We believe a healthy community draws people to itself, changes individuals and empowers them to impact their environment. Within these communities, positive relationships develop and barriers fall. 

 our Vision

We build a community of young people with the aim of engaging and empowering them in order to ignite change. We want to create a community in which young people have the confidence and self-belief to make positive changes and transform their lives.

The Journey

Our youth workers are committed to journeying with young people, many of whom are at-risk, marginalised or face barriers to  achieving success in life. 

The three stages of the journey may take years but we are about long-term commitment: 

  • Engagement: making meaningful contact with young people through activity and education-based programmes; 
  • Empowerment: challenging values and behaviour and equipping young people with the tools, resources and opportunities to make positive choices in their current situations;
  • Transformation: supporting young people to change the direction of their lives away from negative influences and raising aspirations, set goals for the future and support them into long-term transformation.


  • We listen to young people so that they inform how we work;
  •  We offer projects that young people are enthusiastic about getting involved with
  • We constantly evaluate our work based on the outcomes for our young people
  • We work  holistically in 1:1 mentoring to set goals and overcome obstacles so that our young people have lifelong skills relevant to them
  • We develop small group sessions  that are flexible to the needs of our young people 
  • We welcome young people from the diverse communities within Harrow
  • We work collaboratively with other organisations to ensure that we build the best possible pathways for our young people

"Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom"

 Viktor E. Frankl

This space is where we work!