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Summer Programme and Peer Leadership

Each year throughout the summer holidays we deliver a 5-week programme of positive activities for a group of 200-250 young people in the Harrow borough. Throughout this 5 week programme, we provide young people with up to 6 hours a day of structured, positive activities.  These activities include sports tournaments, music workshops, board games, and day trips. The purpose of our summer Programme is to engage our young people with the local community, expose them to different experiences, and build their confidence.

In conjunction with our Summer Programme, we  engage 10-20 young people in a 6 month peer leadership training course designed to raise their aspirations and increase their employability skills. We invite young people with leadership potential to attend peer leadership interviews. Those who are selected, based on commitment and willingness to take on responsibility, spend the first week of the summer holidays completing the Peer Leadership Programme.  These include sessions on listening, mentoring, safeguarding, dealing with conflict, planning activities and training in first aid.  The following week we are based at Harrow Recreation Ground Pavilion and offer a full programme of activities and food from 2 – 8pm. Over the course  of the next 6 months, our peer leaders continue to develop their skills and act as positive role models for other young people. 

Our Summer Programme and Peer Leadership training has a tremendous impact on our young people, their families, and the local community. We have countless anecdotes of young people who gained the confidence through our Summer Programme to pursue positive life paths, such as re-engaging with education or seeking employment.

Case Study:

H had been repeatedly removed from the education system because of anger issues and had never engaged in employment. After initial concerns that H may not sustain the  Peer Leadership training, she showed such commitment that Ignite selected her as one of our peer leaders for the Summer Programme. Although H found the training challenging at times, she persevered and increasingly grew in confidence and developed her leadership skills. Prior to the programme, H lacked the confidence to pursue further education or employment but is now researching college applications and job opportunities. 

Fore more information on our Summer Programme and Peer Leadership training phone the office and speak to Angel on 020 8863 2089